Citizens Advisory Council in session (Copy)The Multi-stakeholder Dialogue Platform offers industry stakeholders the space to engage and build beneficial relationships.

Through the Dialogue Platform, stakeholders discuss their expectations and collaborate to realise these expectations. The platform enables broad stakeholder consultation to identify and address pressing issues. It also provides a system that supports and encourages quick and effective resolution.

To supervise the dialogues is the Citizens Advisory Council (CAC). The CAC is a regional body without legal powers.  It ensures that the Foundation remains responsive to identified emerging community needs and priorities.

WRCF works with local Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to manage conversations at the community and district levels. These are Friends of the Nation, COLANDEF, and UCSOND/Hen Mpoano. The Foundation takes over the conversations at the traditional leaders and regional levels.

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The Conversations aim to involve about 364,000 residents from across the six coastal districts. 24 facilitators and 14,000 volunteers assist with managing the community conversations.

WRCF provides administrative support to the CAC and manages the local CSOs work. Information that arises from the community conversations are disseminated to stakeholders.