Takoradi, W/R - 31 July 2018. 12 welders from Takoradi Kokompe, a local artisanal garage enclave, have started a skills training programme at Takoradi Technical Institute. The programme, which will upgrade the current skills of the artisans towards meeting industry preferred standards, will run from 23 July to 17 August 2018.

The local artisans are being sponsored by Greenline Logistics Ltd, an oil sector service provider, as part of its corporate social responsibility initiative, and training is facilitated by the Western Region Coastal Foundation’s (WRCF) seeded dialogue platform, the Technical Centre of Excellence.

The Corporate Social Investment – Skills Programme (CSI-SP), is a 20-day innovative and pioneering TVET programme that WRCF has designed for companies interested in making skills development a corporate social responsibility project, in order to bridge the skills gap among skilled workers or artisans in their host communities and beyond. The programme can be customized to suit many other levels and to align with the needs of companies.

The TVET sector has seen a lot of attention in the last few months, as government recognises this sector as an untapped avenue for job creation. Unfortunately, due to the neglect of this very important sector, many young unemployed Ghanaians and students find it unattractive, and would rather opt and compete for the limited white collar jobs available. The effects of TVET neglect is also seen in the low levels of participation in the local content of the oil and gas sector, where few Ghanaians have technical jobs after 11 years of oil discovery.

The CSI Skills Programme will take the selected Kokompe welders through basic welding theory and practical training lessons in basic shield and metal arc welding (SMAW), basic gas metal arc welding (GMAW), basic oyx-fuel cutting, and introduction to gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).  The goal of the training is to build a solid foundation to prepare artisans for more advanced training in welding that meet industry requirements.

“Currently, most of the Kokompe artisans have only worked with the 6013 welding electrode, which is outdated and not an industry approved electrode. The WRCF seeded Technical Centre of Excellence is exposing them to current electrodes like the 7018”, said Ron Nickel of CPI Training, the Welding Instructor for the Skills Programme. “Since this is a competency based training programme, a trainee will only pass and move on to the next level if they pass the basics”, added Mr. Nickel.

Hoping to empower more people to participate in the local content requirements of industry, Greenline Logistics Ltd thinks improving the skills of local artisans can make them more attractive for direct employment or service delivery in the extractives industry.

“This training and skills upgrade will provide the basics needed to assist the artisans and make them more ready for the available jobs in the industry. We have had situations where our artisans in the metropolitan area have been denied employment because they lack the skills necessary to make them “employable” in the Mining and Oil and Gas sector both in Ghana and other parts of the world, especially in the West African sub-region.

Hopefully, this programme will assist in opening doors for them and be able to support more artisans in the region. We hope other companies and individuals will support more artisans to upgrade their skills” said Mrs. Soraya Anglow, CEO of Greenline Logistics Ltd.

“There is an urgent need to create an environment that promotes public-private collaboration in the TVET space. This will ensure strengthened institutional frameworks for our technical institutes, and enhance current skills set, which is a pre-requisite for achieving local content targets set by oil and gas industry regulator” said Mr. Matthew Armah, CEO of the Western Region Coastal Foundation.

“WRCF believes this innovative corporate social investment skills programme, serves as a step in the right direction in contributing purposefully to the President’s goal to make Ghana a hub for skills development and TVET delivery in Africa. Our focus is to use dialogue to improve the relevance of training to industry, and identify improvements to bridge the gap between the supply of skills and demand for skilled workers.” added Mr. Armah.

The skills development programme provides the Kokompe welders access to world class laboratories that house state of the art welding equipment donated to Takoradi Technical Institute by the World Bank, through the Ministry of Energy’s Oil and Gas Capacity Building Project (OGCBP).

For more information about how to make the corporate social investment skills programme a part of your CSR, please contact WRCF’s Resource Mobilisation Manager, Kamil Mohammed, at kamil_mohammed@wrcfghana.org, or visit the Technical Centre of Excellence website at: www.tceghana.org/#home

For more information, pictures, case studies and interviews, please contact:

Oswald Felli, WRCF Communications Manager, +233207845941, oswald_felli@wrcfghana.org



The Western Region Coastal Foundation (WRCF) is an innovative entity that convenes and encourages effective dialogue between oil, gas, and power (OGP) companies, other extractive industry actors, local communities, and the government in the six coastal districts of Ghana’s Western Region, to identify and resolve issues facing these communities. WRCF leverages stakeholder financial and in-kind contributions and corporate social investments to address stability and socio-economic development concerns of communities. For more information visit: www.wrcfghana.org



Greenline Logistics Limited is a 100% Ghanaian owned company and was established in 1994 to support the exploration and production in the mining industry in Ghana. Greenline provides integrated service support to mining and other related companies at a level that meets international standards. Greenline’s services include Customs Clearance and Freight forwarding, Warehouse management, haulage services and equipment rental.

For more information visit: http://www.greenlinelogistics.com.gh/home.html



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