About Us

The Western Region Coastal Foundation is a locally owned and managed independent foundation with a legal charter as an NGO in Ghana. Our governance structure includes representatives from communities, local government and companies.

As the oil, gas, power (OGP) and other extractive industries increase activity in the Western Region, they are affecting daily life for residents of the region’s six coastal districts.

This creates risks and operational challenges - increasing expectations by government, traditional authorities and others. It also offers opportunities.

Managing these risks and capitalising on these opportunities requires local knowledge, expertise and collective commitment to local economic and social development over the long term.

Through our innovative community dialogue platform, WRCF is actively identifying and designing ways to add value to new or existing initiatives in private sector development, to create economic growth in the region.



To attain shared growth and prosperity for communities affected by the Oil and Gas industry, and contribute to improve stability and socio-economic opportunities in the six coastal districts of Ghana’s Western Region.


Florence lives in Beahu, one of the communities where WRCF runs its multi-stakeholder dialogue platform. In Florence's community, the dialogue led to better access to health. (c) 2017 Kate Shaw/WRCF

Florence lives in Beahu, one of the communities where WRCF runs its multi-stakeholder dialogue platform. In Beahu, the dialogue helped secure better healthcare for Florence and her neighbours.


To develop and promote sustainable socio-economic solutions locally informed through data and evidence drawn from ongoing conversations on local community and the oil and gas dialogue platforms.



  • Trust: We are committed to act with integrity, be transparent and ethical. We strive to do things right.
  • Responsibility: We are accountable to all our stakeholders, our colleagues, and the communities we work with. Where we fall short, we admit and make things right.
  • Excellence: We require the highest technical and professional standards of ourselves. We celebrate innovation, learning, and service. We have an unwavering desire to “stretch,” as individuals and as an organisation.
  • Collaboration: We thrive on partnerships with our stakeholders and development partners in the extractive industries, in government and communities, and are optimistic that our collective work will contribute to improved stability and inclusive development prospects in Western Region.
  • Citizenship: We leverage on our diversity, respect the traditional norms and customs in which we work, and treat our stakeholders locally, regionally and nationally with professionalism and dignity.